Award-winning integrated reporting and management for international miner

We helped our client (in the context of the King Code in South Africa) to implement internationally-recognised and award-winning Integrated Reporting over multiple years – as well as ongoing support for the implementation of an integrated business strategy, integrated management practices and integrated decision-making. Activities included:

  • Extensive internal engagement – from CEO- and Board-level through to regional technical experts – including site-level field work in Southern Africa, South America and South East Asia
  • Regional-level integrated risk / opportunity assessments, management workshops and action plans
  • Comprehensive review of environmental, social and governance management systems at Group- and regional-level
  • Full development of Integrated Report content, including messaging, analytically-rich content, integrated strategy, case studies and infographics – combining operational, financial and sustainability performance into a joined-up strategic narrative
  • Benchmarking against best practice sustainability reporting and rating frameworks and standards (e.g. King Code, GRI, DJSI)