Corporate-level HRIA for international mining major

We led an extensive human rights impact assessment (HRIA) to identify, analyse and prioritise the actual and potential impacts associated with the client’s global portfolio of assets – ranging from mine sites through to refinery operations. This included the application of a highly-structured, quantified scoring methodology aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Activities included:

  • Primary risk assessment across a range of issues focused on workers, communities, third-parties and the environment – including latent country risk and multiple adjustment factors
  • Analysis and rating of existing, cross-cutting management controls to better understand residual human rights risk – as well as potential management gaps
  • Identification and prioritisation of actual / possible impacts, including – where relevant – known incidents and open allegations
  • Selection of key operations / issues of interest for additional drill-down assessment and action plans
  • Parallel assessment of the client’s positive impacts
  • Consultation / feedback sessions with international-level stakeholders, ranging from civil society through to investors