ESG Strategy development for leading private equity firm

We co-developed a comprehensive ESG Strategy to support a client’s fundraising and investment strategy, whilst integrating their investors’ requirements and international ESG standards and frameworks (e.g. UN PRI, SDGs, TCFD, etc.). Activities included:

  • Drafting of the core ESG Policy and development of a due diligence roadmap
  • Design of a ‘light-touch’ framework for assessing potential investments in the deal origination and due diligence process. This ranged from high-level ESG screening and questionnaires, through to methodologies for assessing the commercial and financial implications of ESG factors in the investment process
  • Working with the management team to undertake post-acquisition ‘Portfolio Company ESG Reviews’. This included the evaluation of potential ESG opportunity areas, the assessment of their feasibility, likely cost and benefits (and related payback periods), KPI and target-setting, and the prioritisation of risk management actions such as carbon foot-printing
  • Development of a framework to monitor existing portfolio company performance, including ‘on-site’ performance appraisals and recommendations on software solutions