Responsible sourcing programme for luxury goods manufacturer

We collaborated with the client to develop an effective Responsible Sourcing programme. This strengthened their supply chain by improving resilience, mitigating risk, improving efficiency and better managing supplier relationships. Activities included:

  • Diagnostic analysis of the company’s existing systems, staff capacity, tools and ways of working, to better understand existing practices and internal stakeholders
  • Application of a Tier 1 Supplier Risk Assessment (plus segmentation) to identify inherent country and product social and environmental compliance risk, as well as priority suppliers for engagement
  • Drafting of a Supplier Code of Conduct offering standardised guidance for all suppliers
  • Drafting of category ‘charters’ – public facing documents describing the company’s ambitions with respect to each commodity (guided by industry standards, best practices and consumer preferences) and communicating how the business is applying responsible sourcing in practice
  • Delivery of responsible sourcing training to drive adoption across the procurement team