Award-winning reporting for luxury goods brand

We led a multi-year work programme with a leading global luxury brand to help it address its sustainability risks and opportunities, and to respond convincingly to heightened scrutiny regarding its products, practices and impacts. This included concerns around mineral-fuelled conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, international trade control regimes, relationships with host governments and the delivery of benefits to local communities and host societies. Activities included:

  • Award-winning risk/opportunity-based sustainability reporting – including full ‘end-to-end’, GRI-aligned report development (structure, messaging, narrative content, data, infographics, case studies, layout and design)
  • Objective, frank and analytical examination of the client’s risks, opportunities and impacts – including in-depth analysis of its operating environments in Africa and North America, external sector dynamics, company strategy, effectiveness of existing management systems and planning
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder forums over several years to support ‘mutual education’ between the company / its critics, identify constructive solutions to joint issues of concern and inform future company actions and reporting